Multiple Tablerates via CSV file – Webshopapps Matrixrate

Posted by: Karen Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

I wrote this extension back in Sept/Oct 08 for a web design company that was developing a site in Magento. It went on Magento Connect in Dec08.  Since then I’ve had over 1600 downloads, so I guess people must like it!

The beauty of this extension is that you can manage all your shipping and delivery via a csv file.

You can give a customer a choice of shipping options (e.g. do you want it now or next week), which suprisingly isn’t available with the default Magento installation unless you combine shipping methods.

What else?  Well, what about filtering by country, or region/state, or city, or postcode, or partial postcode – yep this is all covered.

It has some bells and whistles, like allowing numerical postcode ranges which is great for the Australian market.  And allowing postcode pattern matching, which is a must for complex UK requirements (like wanting to charge differently for postcodes that start with PO20).

Want to see a demo:

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