Extension Meeting Schedule

Posted by: Karen Wednesday, September 5th, 2012


The goal of this meeting is to get on the table the major concerns around extensions, and get a list of ideas around how we could act as a community to improve this space.

  1. Overview – 5 mins
  2. Major concerns – what’s the problem with extensions today? – 15 mins
  3. Ideas for improvement –15 mins
  4. Wrap up summary and reality check – 10 mins
  5. Plan of actions – 5 mins


I’ve spoken a few people and the consensus seems to be that Skype will fall over with more than a few participants.  So for today’s meeting at 10am PST today let’s use a Google+ Hangout and the twitter channel #extnreview.

You can watch the conversation and join in via Google+ or twitter if you would like to join in. The Hangout will be ‘on Air’ which I’m reliably informed means anyone can watch.

If you have any problems please add me on skype – webshopapps and talk to me there.

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