Bob Schwartz Checks Out

Posted by: Karen Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

One thing you realise in technology is that nothing stays the same. Today Bob Schwartz added himself to the steady trickle of departures from Magento this year.

I remember Yoav pointing Bob out to me back in 2010 at the Magento offices. He seemed an authoritative corporate kind of guy at first glance, a little intimidating if I’m honest.  He looked like he knew what he was doing.

And so he did, he has helped Yoav and Roy steer their way to an acquisition by eBay and neatly backed himself out of his position to move onto pastures new. That’s a sound businessman.

I’d often see him listening avidly to people that other lesser mortals would have walked away from within 20 seconds.  Likewise he always seemed perfectly at ease with the CEO’s of companies, his ability to transition so smoothly is not one I’ve come across often.

He actually gave us something quite special – an insight into how it’s possible to combine a work hard, play hard ethic and retain your integrity and dignity throughout. I personally learned a great deal from him.

My overriding memory of Bob will be a cool laid-back guy with a cracking sense of humour. I’ll miss that, the Magento conferences will certainly not be the same without his presence.

Good luck for the future Bob. And good luck Magento.

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  1. Bob Schwartz says:

    Karen –
    I am humbled by such a kind post and that you would take the time to share this… thank you. You know I love Magento but mostly the “ecosystem” which is a cold word for saying the great PEOPLE we do business with, of which getting to know you and watch you grow WebShop Apps is a special highlight of my time.
    Thank you for the well wishes and not using the “F word”…you know “Farewell”, as hate goodbyes and I planned to be in eCommerce (or as i know call it “technology enabled retail”) space for a long long time..and look forward to working with you again!
    Best and thank you

  2. Bob, You will be missed! The ecosystem and the Imagine conference will not be the same without your energy, insight and great laugh!

    Look forward to meeting up with you again.


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