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WebshopApps has extensive experience with Magento and is an expert in shipping no matter what you sell!
"The WebShopApps team consistently delivers not only some of the most reliable extensions out there - they also define the standards for how to provide an amazing level of support.  Hands down - the best Magento extension development firm."

Kevin Eichelberger | Blue Acorn

"We are big fans of WebShopApps. We are powerhouse developers of Magento sites so we know a good app when we see one. Your entire suite of shipping extensions has proven to be extremely successful for many of our clients. The flexibility is extraordinary so we can adapt to each store’s particular needs."

Jarod Clark, CEO | Unleaded Software

"We've loved working with Webshopapps/Karen. She's very responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable of the Magento platform. We've used her modules on many of our Magento sites. If she doesn't have a module that fits our needs, she's always very quick to suggest alternative options."

Erik Hansen, CTO  | Classy Llama Studios

"The apps were more than capable of handling our requirements and the one on one support was excellent. Magento's shipping is pretty basic and these apps extend the functionality allowing us to customize our clients stores and deliver a better product. Highly recommended."

Mike Reid  |  Max Q Designs

"The team at WebShopApps rocks! Their products resolve real-world issues and have clear and concise installation instructions.  Help is on-point, on-time and always appreciative of my business.  I highly recommend WSA for their applications and support. "

Jeff Mendelson  |  Las Olas Technologies Inc.

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