Premium MatrixRate

Premium MatrixRate

More control of your custom shipping rates, less admin worries


Premium MatrixRate builds on our MatrixRate extension to give you even more control over your shipping rates. You can still offer multiple shipping options to customers according to their destinations. But Premium MatrixRate's extra features give you the versatility to customize your rates based on any combination of price, quantity and weight rules.

This extension also simplifies your administrative work – making it easier and faster for you to define, maintain and modify your shipping rates.

Premium MatrixRate comes with our complimentary bronze support package and is highly recommended for commercial users.


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  • Fully Open Source
  • Supports CE & EE
  • Supports Magento versions from CE 1.6+
Post-Sale Setup Support - 4hrs
Post-Sale Setup Support - 90 mins
Post-Sale Setup Support - 30 mins

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