USPS Shipping

USPS Shipping

This patch will update versions of Magento, allowing full compatibility with the current USPS rating API as of May 31st 2015 and January 17th 2016


USPS plans to retire their RateV3 API on September 28th, 2014. This is the API used in versions of Magento prior to Community Edition 1.5.1. When USPS makes this update, sites running incompatible versions will no longer receive USPS rates.

This also includes the May 31st, 2015 updates, which addresses versions of Magento prior to Community Edition 1.9.2.

Read our blog post on these changes for more information.

Our USPS Shipping Fix patches the Magento USPS extension making it compatible with the current USPS RateV4 API.

The USPS Shipping Fix is free but unsupported. We strongly recommend you purchase a support and installation package to guarantee an effortless changeover.

This fix derives from our Dimensional Shipping extension. Dimensional Shipping gives you the extra capability to add dimension values to your products and define how you package different combinations of products together for more accurate shipping rates from FedEx, UPS and USPS.

If you have Dimensional Shipping installed you cannot use this extension, please email us for an update.

You will need to reselect your allowed USPS methods under system->configuration->shipping methods->USPS

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