Shipping Insurance

Shipping Insurance
Apply custom shipping insurance charges in your store

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Our Shipping Insurance extension gives you the power to define exactly how shipping insurance is calculated in your Magento store. Using the admin panel, you can specify a flat rate or percentage charge according to the product, shipping method or pre-defined price tiers.

You can also create ‘insurance groups’ to categorize your products and define insurance charges. For example, you could specify one insurance charge for DVD players, another for televisions and yet another for computers.

With Shipping Insurance you choose whether insurance is optional or compulsory in your store.

Note: this extension does not provide shipping rates. Shipping Insurance is designed to work alongside your existing shipping rates extension.

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  • Apply shipping insurance charges based on your pre-defined rules
  • Define insurance as a percentage of product value or a flat rate
  • Set price tiers and assign insurance fees according to these
  • Group products into insurance groups and define shipping insurance fees for each
  • Option to set a maximum and minimum insurance charge for each insurance group
  • Set a default insurance charge across all products
  • Simple management in the Magento admin panel


Full documentation is available on our ShipperHQ Help Docs.

Very Useful Module (Posted on 6/29/2010) Review by robbo23
I've used this extension on a site so we could add a certain amount of insurance for orders over a specified value. Works really well.