Shipping Calendar

Shipping Calendar
Choose delivery times from a calendar view with custom shipping rates

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NOW RELEASED - ShipperHQ - all our extensions in 1 place including powerful Calendar capabilities. We would highly recommend this over using the extension as its much more feature rich and easy to use. This extension is now replaced with ShipperHQ. Compatible with Magento 1 and Magento 2.

With the Shipping Calendar extension you can allow your customers to choose when their orders are delivered. Create delivery slots that match when your carrier can deliver orders and specify which of these are available. Shipping Calendar gives you the option to display available delivery days over a set period using a monthly calendar. Display available delivery slots with a bullet-pointed list with dates and shipping rates – giving your customers the freedom to select delivery times that suit them.

You can also define 'blackout dates' for public holidays and other days when orders cannot be delivered, and allocate 'production days' for items that you have to make or prepare.

This extension is invaluable for any store that needs someone to be home for delivery: florists, food stores, furniture stores, electronics and more.

Shipping Calendar also includes all the functionality of our Product Matrix extension, so you can fully customise your shipping rates to meet your business needs.

Each purchase of Shipping Calendar comes with complimentary Gold support.

This extension will work out of the box with standard Magento One Page Checkout and also the official One Step Checkout extension.

  • Option to display additional available delivery days to customers in intuitive calendar
  • Display available delivery slots to customers in intuitive bullet point list
  • Customize your shipping rates based on any combination of destination, product, subtotal, quantity, weight and customer group rules
  • Create up to six different time slots (e.g. 12pm-3pm) for each day
  • Specify which slots are available and unavailable for delivery
  • Define the number of possible orders for each time slot
  • Define ‘blackout dates’ when orders cannot be delivered and ‘production days’ when an item needs to be made or prepared
  • Browse up to a year in advance of delivery slots from the first date available
  • Easy to assimilate calendar into your Magento theme with minimal changes
  • Complimentary Gold support
  • Compatible with One Page Checkout and Official One Step Checkout extension


Full documentation is available on our ShipperHQ Help Docs.

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