Super Product Rate

Super Product Rate

Perfect, simple and valuable solution for companies who have relatively simple flat rates who want to ship worldwide on a Per Product basis.


This is a variation on the popular Product Rate extension.

Super Product Rate enables you to assign shipping prices in your product listing. It supports different pricing based on:


Destination (upto 3 zones are supported, e.g. USA, Canada, ROW)

Shipping groups

It is all handled via the admin panel without the need to adjust or upload CSV tables.

Perfect, simple and valuable solution for companies who have relatively simple flat rates who want to ship worldwide.


Example Usage of Shipping Groups

In the diagram below you can see that we have 2 types of products - DVDs, and Books.  We call these shipping groups and assign products to each. Rates are then defined based on the shipping group and the zone to which they are shipped.


Interactive Demonstrations

See the live demonstration of Super Product Rate here.


When should I use a different shipping extension?

We specialise in the Magento shipping space - give us your customer shipping requirements and we can usually come up with a solution for you - we will identify the ideal extension or mix of extensions where possible, and we also can write custom solutions where required. Contact us with your requirements.

Super Product rate is ideal when you have quite simple rules around shipping based on per product prices, with different prices required for a couple of different countries and maybe rest of world.

Custom shipping rates - If you have complex rules around how shipping works when multiple products are in the cart then managing via a  product listing alone is not possible, you need to look at Product Matrix which is the #1 shipping extension in this space. If unsure please send us your requirements and we will be happy to advise.

Product Matrix is much simpler to manage than an admin based shipping solution, because when prices change you will not have to update every product listing.

Override live shipping rates - If you need to override live shipping rates from carriers such as UPS or FedEx you will most likely need our Shipping Override extension.


Additional information

Please note this price is exclusive of VAT. VAT of 20% will be added to the price of this extension at the checkout for all customers purchasing from the UK and for EU customers without a VAT number.

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  • Fully Open Source
  • Supports CE & EE
  • Supports Magento versions from CE 1.6+
Post-Sale Setup Support - 4hrs
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