Support Packages

We have listened to your feedback and have reviewed our support arrangements to assist you as best as we can within the price of the extension. We have also reviewed our supplementary support packages in case you need a bit more help - we hope that these meet your needs. (We welcome your feedback if they don’t!)

Our experienced team at WebShopApps have built up a wealth of knowledge on these extensions and within the shipping space. These service packages enable you to leverage that knowledge and experience according to your needs. WebShopApps has one of the best reputations on Magento for our in-depth knowledge of the product and our excellent customer service - we have built our company on the strength of this reputation so please be assured that customer service is #1 on our list of priorities. Try us and we are sure that you will soon reap the benefits.

We offer different levels of support to cater for different clients' needs. Some of our customers want to purchase, have us configure it and be on hand to provide advice within a short time span. Other customers prefer to just purchase the extension, run with the extensive documentation and examples and get up and running themselves. We cater for both markets. This does not mean we take your money and run when you purchase Bronze support, we have a dedicated team on hand to point you in the right direction if you get stuck. Our documentation provides tons of examples; most scenarios we have encountered and are documented in some form.


What support do you need?

  Bronze Silver Gold
Bug Fixes Yes Yes Yes
Documentation Support Yes Yes Yes
One Year Upgrades Yes Yes Yes
Generic Configuration Support Yes Yes Yes
 Straightforward Configuration Support No Yes Yes
Complex Configuration Support No No Yes
Post-Sale Problem-Solving and Advice 30 mins 1.5 hours 4 hours
Response Time
(within working hours)
48 hours 24 hours 8 hours

Our normal working hours are between 10am and 6pm UK time. Calls are prioritised, so if you have what we deem to be an urgent issue then you will be looked at asap.


Bronze Package

Bronze Support

With this package we will point you in the right direction via our extensive support documentation. If this doesn’t meet your needs and you are struggling to configure please e-mail us - some support time is included with every extension to help with configuration or set up. Please be assured that you will not be left alone with your extension.

Suitable for: Technical staff who understand CSV files or can easily pick up what is required. Also suitable for existing customers who are purchasing an extension for a new site.

Cost: included with all paid extension purchases

Silver Package

Silver support

This package is for you if you need some support to customise the extension to meet your requirements but your requirements aren’t extensive (if in doubt please e-mail us and we will give an honest diagnosis!). Please note that our packages provide real value for money when compared to paying for a specialist on an hourly rate. It includes:

  • 1.5 hours of Magento specialist post sales support (to be used at set up or throughout the year)
  • help with straightforward custom configuration
  • support questions answered within 24 working hours

Cost: 150GBP (approx 190EUR, 200USD) - purchase with extension
Alternatively you can purchase separately from here

Gold Package

Gold Support

We have a wealth of knowledge in the shipping space - if you want to leverage this for your clients then the gold support is for you. It includes help with complex personalised configuration requirements and a faster response rate to queries. This package provides real value for money if you want to hand over a larger brief and have peace of mind that any queries will be resolved quickly. It includes:

  • 4 hours of Magento specialist post sales support to help with any aspect of your extension
  • help with complex custom configuration (please e-mail us to discuss your needs)
  • support queries answered within 8 hours. Gold support queries will be prioritised above all other queries.

Suitable for: Web design agencies who want to hand over a larger brief and gain the advice of our experts on shipping.

Cost: 550GBP (approx 700EUR, 750USD) - purchase with extension
Alternatively you can purchase separately from here


Installation service

Full installation service

Cost: 50GBP (approx 65EUR, 80USD) - purchase with extension
Alternatively you can purchase separately from here

If you need a customised extension, WebShopApps is available to write customised Magento extensions tailored for your requirements, so contact us with your details and we will give you a quote and timescales.