Tiered Pricing on Configurable Products

Posted by: Karen Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

How do configurable products calculate tiered prices?

A customer recently came to us with a query around configurable products and tiered pricing. Lets say, for simplicity, he was selling soap. A large soap and small soap are different prices. He wanted to configure tiered pricing on the soaps, with discounts for multiple purchases, but obviously the tiered prices differed across products.

Here’s the products we’ve created to demonstrate…..

 Product catalog



 Note the price difference between the large and small soaps. In addition to what’s shown here, we’ve entered a tier price of $3 each for 3 or more large soaps and $2.50 each for 3 or more small soaps. The ‘Soaps’ configurable product has a price tier of $4 each for 3 or more soaps. Lets take a look what happens at the checkout.




When we add a large and small soap to the cart, the price is taken from the configurable product (i.e. $6) not from the products themselves ($5 and $3 each). In fact every attribute of the product in the cart is taken from the configurable product and not the underlying simple product, except the attribute that is used to make it configurable (in this case it’s a new attribute we created called size).

How do grouped products deal with tiers?

However, if we create another product, this time a grouped product, we get a different result.

  Tiered prices come from the underlying products

The product page of the grouped product displays the prices and tiers taken from the underlying simple product. There are no prices or tiers set on the grouped product.

What do grouped vs configurable tiers look like in the cart?

Here’s what the grouped products look like in the cart (first two items), compared to the configurable products (second two items).

 Grouped and configurable products in the cart

Note the tiered prices are taken from the underlying simple product.

For more information on setting up tiered pricing in Magento see this Magento screencast

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