Installing Community Extensions via Command Line (SSH)

Posted by: Karen Sunday, August 28th, 2011

I never really liked the idea of having to change permissions of my magento install to add on new extensions.

So here is how to do via SSH. Obviously this only works if you have SSH access to your website.

Firstly, navigate to base magento directory

./mage mage-setup
./mage -V
./mage list-channels
./mage install
  e.g. ./mage install IG_LightBox

Finally do a chown -R on your directories to whatever your’s is, otherwise they will have root:root

I was running this on magento 1.6 using version 2.0 of magento connect to get the extension info.


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  1. Snowcore says:

    Quick and nice! Thank you for sharing this.
    Never saw/used mage file in the root directory before.

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