WebShopApps goes Platinum

Posted by: Karen Monday, May 20th, 2013

It seems barely yesterday that I was trawling the internet in search of a good eCommerce platform to use for my husband’s site. I remember looking at osCommerce and thinking there has to be something better out there. I was fed up with hosted solutions, I wanted control, I wanted flexibility. This was 2008, just over 5 years ago. Magento was the platform I chose, and shipping seemed to be the area I fell into.

Today in 2013 WebShopApps sit here with the honour of obtaining Platinum Industry Partnership status with Magento, and well it’s pretty shocking we have come so far in such a short space of time. I didn’t give up the day job until summer 2009, took on my first employee Josh in Feb 2010. Now in 2013 we have just signed leases on our US Office in Dublin, Ohio and by the summer will have employees in the UK, Australia and the US.

Something people maybe don’t appreciate about WebShopApps is that much of what we do and achieve is down to sheer hard work and determination. You can often find me sitting on skype at night, answering calls, dealing with chat, helping people out with their shipping configuration, coming up with new ideas with customers on how to improve their shipping rate calculations. Nothing here has changed since the early days, maybe its because I’m terrible at delegating(!) or maybe its just that I like to keep it real.

With this Platinum Partnership we remain a small company, bootstrapped, trying to find our way in this chaotic world of eCommerce. I personally value each and every customer that has or will buy our extension, we truly appreciate and value your business with us. Thanks to all the one-man bands that support us, whether you are a small eCommerce store or a lone developer. Thanks to the agencies that we love like Yoma, Blue Acorn, Lyons & Something Digital. We appreciate your business, and I personally appreciate your support and friendship.

I have to also thank Magento, not just for being a great platform for companies like WebShopApps, but also to our Industry Partner contacts Carly, Ryan and Aleza, for well just being there and supporting our business. You have put your faith in us over the years, and I hope we will continue to deliver innovative products that meet the demands of this fast paced industry.

We are embarking now on a change in our business, we will shortly be opening up the Early Access Program for our cloud based offering ShipperHQ to the Magento community. We have learned a lot about shipping and eCommerce over the past 5 years and I believe ShipperHQ.com will be a game changer in shipping rate calculation logic. We look forwards with you to the next chapter.

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  1. Karen,

    Thanks for the nice write-up and the personal shout out. The feeling is mutual. I love what you all are doing and your passion for driving success in and around Magento. Working with people like you is one of my most favorite aspects of my role here.


  2. Jonty says:

    Congrats Karen. You guys deserve it. Keep up the great work.

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