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Posted by: Karen Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

What do WebShopApps Do?

This is a question we ask all prospective staff members. If they can’t answer with a few key words (one of them involving shipping), then usually the interview is over within 5 minutes and we just pad it out for 20 minutes more to be nice!

But a lot of people don’t get what we do, I suppose we have literally been so busy over the past 5 odd years that we don’t sit back and explain it too well. We remain busy, which is great, but now I have a bit more time available so I thought I’d share my view on what WebShopApps is about

To me WebShopApps is this today:

“We are Subject Matter Experts in the area of Shipping Rate Calculation in Magento eCommerce”.

So what the heck does that mean?

Well we understand shipping. Completely and totally.  We understand Magento around shipping, completely and totally.

And our focus – its in the cart, the checkout, around being able to get the most accurate rates, and/or manipulate shipping rates to increase your profits, make you more competitive, or just because you have some awkward item that costs you more to ship than you make in revenue.

How does this Help me as a Merchant?

We can talk in your speak, we have dealt with thousands of clients over the years and come across pretty much every shipping scenario there is. We understand how shipping works in eCommerce businesses, and as such we can understand your needs and translate those into providing solutions that work for you.

How does this Help me as a Web Design Agency?

Shipping is pretty damn boring if you are a web designer. We get that. We take the strain off you.  We can deal with the shipping, from requirements thro to implementation and testing.  You can concentrate on pretty things like design, widgets and graphics, we deal with the boring mechanics and maths of shipping.

And the Extensions

Well we have written a lot. More than I can feasibly count anymore. But we have a core suite that works for 97% of our customers, you would be surprised what we can do that you may have thought didn’t exist.  Freight, Dropshipping, Dimensional, Custom product rules, handling fees, surcharges, you name it we have done it.

We had the most powerful shipping extensions on Magento back in 2009 and we have them still today. Because we are passionate about 2 things – the customer, and shipping.

Yep I know its boring

But we love it.  Contact us to discuss your needs. Oh and did I mention we have offices in the US and UK (and an engineer out in AUS). Why? Because we want to be close to you.

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  1. Nick Weisser says:

    Always fun reading your articles, not boring at all 😉

    Keep up the good work, both blogging and developing for Magento. Hope to see you in Zürich in October for http://ch.meet-magento.com/

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