USPS API Update May 31st 2015 – What you need to know

Posted by: Genevieve Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

USPS have updated their shipping rate API on May 31st 2015. As we always do, we’ve reviewed these updates and analyzed their potential impact on merchants running various versions of Magento. There are some impacting changes for merchants shipping to or from Canada, or those using Dimensional shipping.


Within the API update, the only change with impact to Magento USPS users is:

  • Changes to the rate request for international shipments to/from Canada, requiring an Origin post code

Some rates will no longer be returned for shipments between USA and Canada, this will impact shipping options displayed to your customers.


If you ship to or from Canada using USPS live rates, you’ll need to update your Magento site as soon as possible, download free USPS patch here.

If you have the WebShopApps Dimensional Shipping extension installed we have an update for this extension which includes the same fix as in the patch.  Please contact us to receive this update. You will only need to install this update, not this update and the new patch..

You should also ensure the 5 digit postcode you have configured for your Origin address is valid and correct.


If you need more details on this update, you can download PDFs of the May 2015 Release Notes and Transition Guide at If you need any other help with your shipping in Magento, you’re always welcome to contact us.


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