Dimensional Shipping

Dimensional Shipping for Magento
Smart product packing for live rates from FedEx, UPS & USPS
  • Supports CE & EE
  • Supports Magento from CE 1.6+
  • Available for Magento 1

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Do you want accurate live shipping rates in Magento based on how you actually pack your products, not just the weight of the cart?

Our Dimensional Shipping extension is an intelligent solution to this problem for FedEx, UPS and USPS users. It lets you define the dimensions of your products, the dimensions of your boxes and rules for how you package different combinations of products together.

NEW: Now supports best-fit algorithm where you can just specify product dimensions and select boxes each product fits into then let Dimensional Shipping calculate the best way to pack. Supports uploading dimensions and box options using standard product import. Please email or call us for further information if unsure on how this works

When a customer checks out, Dimensional Shipping works out how the products will be packed based on your rules and calculates the dimensional weight value of the package(s), as well as the actual weight. By sending both values, you give your shipping carrier a better idea of the dimensions and weight of your shipment. In return you receive more accurate live rates for your store.

Please note: This extension is only compatible with UPS, FedEx, and USPS, plus some Freight Carriers - contact us if unsure of compatibility
PHP 7 is not supported.



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• Smart product packing – works out how products will be grouped and calculates dimensional weight

• Compatible with FedEx, UPS and USPS live rates, including international

• Define dimensions for each of your products

• Define how different combinations of products are packaged together

• Specify the dimensions of each of your boxes

• Assign products to certain boxes (multiple products can be assigned to the same box)

• Option to pack products separately or combine in the same box

• Supports multiple boxes for the same product

• Supports showing time in transit for FedEx shipping e.g. Ground (1 Day)

• Option to send declared value to carrier to calculate shipping insurance

• Support for an additional packaging weight

• Supports all product types incl Configurable, Bundle with ability to set dimensions at either child or parent level

Interactive Demonstrations

Live Demo

Play with a live demonstration of Dimensional Shipping.


See documentation


Best Fit - Setup Intro

Best Fit - In Action

Largest Box - In Action

Exactly what we needed (Posted on 9/11/2014) Review by Mike
we've been subject to dimensional shipping long before most due to the size of some of our products. shipping costs can be more than what is purchased.

This extension coupled with Shipping Override made our lives much easier. Looking at buying Residential/Commercial extension now to continue fine-tuning our rates.

The support is great and their products just work.

Thanks for your excellent development team!
AWESOME! (Posted on 10/16/2013) Review by Mark
This plugin solved the problem for me and has been an absolute lifesaver. I ship a ton of heavy items and conventional shipping costs were KILLING my conversions.

Now with dimensional shipping my rates are one of my strongest selling points.

Support was just amazing they were friendly and helpful.

This extension works and works perfectly.

Super Mega Recommend this extension.
Fantastic Shipping Extension (Posted on 4/23/2013) Review by Goldy
Thank you so much! This extension is fantastic & extremely simple to use! The shipping extensions have opened more opportunities for us.

Karen was extremely knowledgeable & her team was very helpful.

It took a week to set up both extensions, shipping manager & dimensional shipping. We can now add new items including the case dimensions with ease.

Thank you. You are the best!
Nothing Short of Amazing (Posted on 7/18/2012) Review by Chris
As one of the businesses which falls between the dividing line of the CE and the EE versions of Magento we were looking for a powerful shipping solution which can handle our vast range of products (paint, boxed goods, small parts, etc.). This extension combined with "Shipping Override" fit our needs perfectly and allow us to quote extremely accurate rates to our customers.

As if the extension wasn't good enough, the support provided by the entire WebShopApps team is by far the best I have ever encountered. As with most Magento things it does take some configuration to get up and running but the possibilities are nothing short of amazing.
Super Helpful (Posted on 5/24/2012) Review by Paul
Without this extension, we weren't able to give box dimensions to our shipping carriers for real-time quotes. This presented a major difficulty in getting accurate quotes to our customers, especially with air shipments that automatically ship via dimensional weight.

We have also been very impressed with WebShopApps customer support and helpful product updates.
This makes everything so completely painless. (Posted on 12/17/2011) Review by Caden
This makes everything so completely painless.
The Best Magento Invoicing Module Around! (Posted on 6/29/2010) Review by robbo23
This invoicing extension is great - creates really professional invoices, credit memos and packing slips, has an option for printing labels and also places to enter custom text, VAT reg no. etc etc. So much better than the standard Magento versions :-)