Cerasis Freight

Cerasis Freight
Retrieve rates & book freight shipping from over 60 LTL carriers via the Cerasis 3PL plugin
  • Fully Open Source
  • Supports CE & EE
  • Supports Magento from CE 1.6+
  • Available for Magento 1

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Our Cerasis Freight extension retrieves freight rates via the Cerasis 3PL Logistics Carrier. With Cerasis you are able to retrieve rates from upto 60 different Freight Carriers (including FedEx, Yellow/YRC, Con-Way, R&L, Estes), with additional options to show cheapest carrier or select from your preferred.

Has options to offer freight shipping only when an item marked as freight is in the cart, or if a pre-defined weight limit is exceeded, this extension is ideal if you sell a mix of freight and non-freight items.

Contains support to book & track shipments via Magento direct. No need for an additional 3rd party interface.

Please Note: This is a lightweight version of the Cerasis extension, lacking ability for customers to select accessorials at checkout, and limit shipping options to freight only when freight items in cart or minimum weight threshold met. Once you have registered with Cerasis we will make available the full release.

Many customers use Freight Shipping with other WebShopApps extensions to form a superior shipping solution:

• Use with the Dropship extension to specify standard shipping rates on items from one location and freight rates on items from another

• Use with the Dimensional Shipping extension to send dimensions into the Freight Shipping extension

• Use with Shipping Override to only offer freight shipping in specific countries / regions



More Functionality with ShipperHQ

ShipperHQ embodies the same functionality that allows you to retrieve freight rates via the Cerasis service along with more than 30 other major carriers. We have combined this with functionality from more than 40 of our most popular WebShopApps extensions to give you full control of the shipping in your cart within one easy-to-use dashboard.

ShipperHQ's enterprise-grade features include Store Pickup, Local Delivery, Drop Shipping, Rate Shopping, Calender/Time, along with the most sophisticated Rules Engine in the world today.

Visit ShipperHQ.com for more information and sign up for a 30-day free trial, available on Magento 1 and Magento 2! We also have migration services to help move what you've configured on your paid WebShopApps extensions to Magento 2. Contact us for details.


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  • Retrieve live rates from the following freight carriers: FedEx, YRC, Con-Way, R&L, Holland, Estes and many more
  • Assign a store-wide freight class or assign freight classes on a per product basis
  • Set a minimum weight value for shipping by freight
  • Set a maximum shipping cost
  • Book shipments and retrieve tracking details direct from within Magento
  • Option to offer freight shipping as the only shipping method when a weight threshold is exceeded
  • Choose to display only freight options when freight items are in the cart (e.g. if one freight item is in the cart, ship all items via freight)
  • Optionally only display Freight shipping when minimum weight threshold is met (full version only)
  • Supports accessorial charges (full version only)

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