Product Rate for Magento 2

Product Rate for Magento 2
Assign your shipping rates on a product-by-product basis
  • Fully Open Source
  • Supports CE & EE
  • Available for Magento 2

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The Product Rate extension gives you the ability to set your shipping rates on a product-by-product basis in Magento.

Enter shipping rates for each of your products in the admin panel and Product Rate will calculate the total shipping charge when your customers go to checkout.

This extension also gives you control of how shipping is calculated on multiple items. For example, you can add a flat or percentage surcharge on the shipping fee when there is more than one of the same product in the cart.

This page is for the Magento 2 version of Product Rate
See Product Rate for Magento 1
Set Price On Product View in Admin
Price Calculates Total In Checkout

More Functionality with ShipperHQ

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Contact Us

Contact us if you have questions about this extension or to see if it is a fit for your company. With offices in the US and UK, our team of eCommerce shipping experts is available to answer your questions. Amazing support is offered to our customers with quick response times and many years of eCommerce shipping expertise.

  • Assign flat shipping rates for each of your products in the product listing
  • Total item shipping rates together when different items are in the cart or charge the higher of the shipping rates
  • Add a flat surcharge when more than one of a certain product is in the cart
  • Set a maximum shipping charge
  • Set a default shipping cost – only enter unique prices for specific products and the rest will ship at the default rate
  • Supports all product types, including configurable products and bundle products

Interactive Demonstrations

Live Demo

Play with a live demonstration of Product Rate.


Full documentation is available on our Product Rate Knowledge Base

Good Solid Extension & Super Helpful Support Staff (Posted on 3/24/2017) Review by Andy
Both Josh & Jason have gone the extra mile helping me customize the extension to fit my needs, despite it being a free extension. You guys will definitely be my first stop for any new extensions I might need.

Thanks again
Perfect (Posted on 9/13/2012) Review by Peter
Easy to install with step by step guide. Perfect for us - we need different shipping rate for different products, if a customer orders a mix of items then it selects the top shipping rate.
Works fine! (Posted on 3/12/2010) Review by dsriedel
Easy to install, easy to configure. Works flawlessly.