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The power of partnering

Posted by: Karen Friday, March 9th, 2012

In the last WebShopApps newsletter we mentioned the Imagine Challenge 2012. To be in with a chance of winning a trip to the 2012 Imagine Conference in Las Vegas, Magento have asked contestants to prove their passion for Magento, or share their Magento success stories.

View our Entry, please Vote for Us!

At WebShopApps we believe passion and success go hand in hand. If we weren’t so passionate about Magento, we could never have grown to become the world’s leading provider of shipping extensions for the platform.

We also believe it’s important to build relationships and share skills and expertise with others who love what they do.

So we asked Los Angeles video producers The Buzz Lab to help us demonstrate our passion for Magento.

We’re experts in shipping solutions, not video production. That’s why we went to The Buzz Lab. There’s no way we could’ve made this video without their help. Likewise, web designers and store owners aren’t shipping solution specialists. That’s why they come to WebShopApps.