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Magento Extensions in the Spotlight

Back in 2010 I spoke to Magento about, amongst other things, how we could get standards around Magento extensions so that merchants and web designers/agencies could make educated decisions on which extensions and companies are good/bad/trustworthy. Magento staff have moved on, we now have 5000 extensions and the issue remains, in fact I think its […]

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Announcing the arrival of Blue Jalappeno!

Back in 2010 I realised that WebShopApps was expanding fast and I needed some help with the non-shipping extensions. I sent a mail to an ex-colleague Genevieve (Gen), someone I consider to be an excellent developer but more importantly one of the best all-round software engineers I have ever met. Gen has taken over some […]

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Announcing the AppShop

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of the AppShop, which will become the place to go to find all the best Magento extensions. Check out the great launch video by The Buzz Lab to see what its all about.   Why Launch the AppShop? People have asked me why WebShopApps is launching this […]

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