Announcing the arrival of Blue Jalappeno!

Posted by: Karen Friday, August 31st, 2012

Back in 2010 I realised that WebShopApps was expanding fast and I needed some help with the non-shipping extensions. I sent a mail to an ex-colleague Genevieve (Gen), someone I consider to be an excellent developer but more importantly one of the best all-round software engineers I have ever met.

Gen has taken over some of our extensions since 2010 and really pushed these forwards. She has also built quite a few new extensions and worked on the consultancy side with many customers who had non-shipping requirements, mainly around the post-order workflow area. Some of her extensions include Tiered Pricing across Multiple Products, the Order Export extension and Price Updater.

Genevieve has always worked on the ‘side’ of WebShopApps, earning her own income, and with the launch of the AppShop it seems sensible she moves to her own branding. So we announce today the launch of Blue Jalappeno. Everyone at WebShopApps wishes Genevieve every success as she moves forwards under Blue Jalappeno.

Genevieve passed me this piece so she can introduce herself:

“I’m really excited about Blue Jalappeno. We have some great extensions and much more to come.  Our newest is Percentage Off Tiered Pricing, it is a great app that really simplifies the tiered pricing process.
You can set a percentage discount for your tier pricing and you never have to update your tier pricing again. The percentage discount is calculated at “runtime” from the products price – taking into account customer group pricing and special pricing. You take a look at the live demo and documentation to see it’s full potential.

I hope everyone who is a fan of WebShopApps takes the time to check out what Blue Jalappeno has on offer. I also want to acknowledge what a fantastic company WebShopApps are. They are leading the way in what the Magento community can expect from extension providers.  At Blue Jalappeno I hope to do the same.”

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