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Google API Usage – Big Changes Coming

Posted by: Genevieve Friday, May 25th, 2018

What Is Changing ?

Google are changing their Maps API pricing and terms of use in a big way from June 11th, 2018. Up to today, they’ve allowed users to access their APIs at no charge up to certain daily limits. From the June 11th deadline this will end.

From this point on you will no longer be able to use the APIs without an API Key

Examples of the Google APIs that are included are the Geocode, Geolocation and Places APIs to name a few.

Who Will This Affect?

  • WebShopApps DropShip customers
  • WebShopApps ShipManager customers
  • WebShopApps In Store Pickup customers
  • WebShopApps UPS Access Point customers

In fact, this will likely impact many millions of websites world wide.

For more information on the impact of Google’s announcement, read our CEO Karen’s thoughts on this change and the wide ranging impact

What Should I Do Now?

  • DropShip customers & ShipManager customers
    • contact us to discuss migration over to ShipperHQ before June 11th as your extension will no longer accurately calculate distances to your nearest warehouse after this date.**
  • In Store Pickup customers
    • contact us to discuss migration to ShipperHQ before June 11th as your extension will no longer calculate the nearest pickup location after this date, and you will likely see an impact on displaying maps of your locations.**
  • UPS Access Point customers
    • you will need to register for a Google API key, if you have not done so already, then head over to the Google maps API page and set up billing now