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Fedex Ship Manager Retirement in Magento

Posted by: Karen Thursday, May 17th, 2012

From May 31st 2012 if you are running CE/EE Magento on versions CE1.5.x or less or EE1.10.x or less you will no longer be able to get Fedex Shipping Rates.

If this seems like a big statement, well it is. Fedex are switching to a Web Service based approach and if you aren’t on CE1.6/EE1.11+ then you are in trouble.

WebShopApps has built an extension which integrates with Fedex Web Services to get around this issue. You will need to get a Fedex Web Service Account though, so it’s not simply a plug/play fix. The details are covered in our blog on Fedex Shipping in 1.6 Magento.

The extension is a subset of our highly popular Dimensional Shipping extension which allows you to add dimensions to products, ship certain items in separate packages and offers many other features a lot of retailers require in order to get accurate shipping rates.

Although the extension is free, please be aware it’s offered unsupported, if you want the expert advice from WebShopApps and a seamless transition we encourage you to purchase a support and installation package.


This extension is no longer distributed and is now covered in our Dimensional Shipping extension