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Upgrading your Ecommerce platform? We’ve got your shipping covered.

Whether you’re upgrading to Magento 2 or considering a move to another platform moving shop is a big job! Making sure you can keep offering the shipping options your customers love is a critical part of that move. Let us help! You’ve been getting a great value from WebshopApps extensions for a while, but with […]

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WebShopApps Extensions and SUPEE-6788

Magento are releasing a new security patch tomorrow along with Magento and The updates address a number of important security flaws such as bypassing the admin URL and SQL injection. WebShopApps have assessed the impact of the patch on all of our most popular extensions and so far, have found no issues. We […]

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Magento SUPEE-6285 Patch and WebShopApps

Magento have released a important security patch called SUPEE-6285. We recommend you apply this patch right away which is available directly from Magento. We’ve analyzed the impact of this patch against our extensions and some will require updates in order to work correctly when accessing their admin menus. There’s absolutely no impact to their functionality […]

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Dimensional Shipping – Part 2 – The Solution

Does Dimensional Shipping Affect Me? Firstly, we would encourage you to read Part 1 on Dimensional Shipping so you have a base understanding of it. January is looming and it’s clear from our phone calls and enquiries, plus the articles such as that from Internet Retailer this week, that merchants are worried about Dimensional Shipping. Dimensional […]

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Dimensional Shipping – Part 1 Introduction

What is Dimensional Weight? Dimensional Weight is the calculation of the weight of goods in terms of their dimensions.  The length, width, height of a package is used to give a volume, then this is usually increased by a multiplier to give a dimensional weight. For example we may have an item that is Length 25inches, […]

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USPS API Update September 2014

See update at end of post for additional information from Magento from September 24th or read their blog post. If you use USPS live rates in Magento, you’ve likely received an email from USPS informing you of upcoming changes to their APIs. These changes will take effect on September 7th, 2014. USPS has also noted […]

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The Why and How of In-Store Pickup

In-Store Pickup, BOPIS (Buy Online, Pickup In Store), Click and Collect, call it what you will, if you run a business selling offline as well as online and aren’t yet offering In-Store Pickup to your customers, it’s time to reconsider. Focus on Convenience Shopping online has always been driven by convenience. Either customers couldn’t find […]

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Royal Mail April 2014 Updates

As of the 31st of March, 2014 the UK Royal Mail instituted changes to their rates and services. Information on the updated rates and services can be found on the Royal Mail website. While changes are not extensive, they do include lower shipping rates for Small Parcel shipments and a few changes to delivery types. […]

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Announcing WebShopApps’ Partnership With Endicia

WebShopApps, experts in the field of eCommerce shipping and a Magento Platinum Industry Partner, is excited to announce our partnership with Endicia, a leading provider of USPS shipping tools and a proud partner of the United States Postal Service. Endicia gives merchants the tools they need to grow their business by letting them buy and […]

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USPS® API Update January 2014

Many of our customers who are using USPS®‘ API to get postal rates have received notification in the past weeks that an update will be released for the API effective January 26th, 2014. The United States Postal Service™ has documented the changes in a press release on their website. As a service to our customers, we […]

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