WebShopApps Extensions and SUPEE-6788

Posted by: Josh Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

Magento are releasing a new security patch tomorrow along with Magento and The updates address a number of important security flaws such as bypassing the admin URL and SQL injection.

WebShopApps have assessed the impact of the patch on all of our most popular extensions and so far, have found no issues. We pro-actively fixed many of the security flaws addressed in this patch over the course of the last year.

Once the patch is released we will be retesting our extensions with the patch in place and aim to provide any updates required within 72 hours of finding the issue.

If you’re using a very old version of some of our extensions, you may run into issues and need the latest version. Please contact us should that be the case, and we will offer you a discounted renewal rate.


After testing with the patch, we’ve discovered some minor issues with these extensions. You should contact us for a update which are available now.

Dimensional Shipping

Admin Shipping

Store Pickup

Shipping Calendar

Shipping Insurance




Very old versions of Logger included in all our extensions

Very old versions of Common included in all our extensions



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