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WebShopApps Extensions and SUPEE-6788

Magento are releasing a new security patch tomorrow along with Magento and The updates address a number of important security flaws such as bypassing the admin URL and SQL injection. WebShopApps have assessed the impact of the patch on all of our most popular extensions and so far, have found no issues. We […]

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Why the Split from eBay will be the success of Magento

There is nothing like a crisis to focus the mind. Last year eBay was pushed into a corner by their major investor Carl Icahn around splitting up the monolith.  In January a split of Paypal/eBay was announced and as an almost footnote there was mention that eBay Enterprise was also to be sold/spun off. And […]

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Imagine – The Greatest Commerce Show on Earth

The Stars Align Every year in the run up it’s the last one. We rumble on about how things are going to come to a close, how people are moving on, rumble rumble rumble. Then something happens. 40+ countries come together, and this wonderful ecosystem joins hands in the real world. No longer confined to […]

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eBay to Sell/IPO eBay Enterprise & Magento

This is big news. Back in 2011 Magento was acquired by eBay for over $180 million. Now, after pretty much floundering around with it for 3 years eBay is going to cast it out for either full/partial acquisition or listing on the stock exchange (IPO). Not just that, but eBay Enterprise (formerly GSI) is also […]

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Magento Connect is a Fraud

High Level Summary Let me make this simple. Connect is screwed. There endeth the conversation. Well I knew this back in 2012 and a great many developers/agencies/merchant know this also. What we probably don’t take into account so much is this: Merchants still use it Developers/Companies are manipulating Connect to their own financial advantage The […]

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Magento – Where are we now?

The Presentation So a couple of days ago I trounced up on stage and gave a presentation around extensions at Meet Magento NY. I hope it was a balanced presentation where I highlighted issues with the Connect Marketplace, but also aired my strong opinion that Magento is the platform of choice for design agencies, developers […]

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Magento Live UK 2014 – The Best Yet?

And so once again Magento hits London for the annual Magento Live event, this time in the summer, just barely a couple of months after Imagine.  I was talking to one guy and eventually we figured out that it was 3 years back in 2011 when the first Live event happened, with a view of […]

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Magento Imagine 2014 Wrap-up

Once again companies and individuals from around the world headed to Vegas for 4 days of Magento, networking, keynotes, casino’s and partying.  The conference moved from it’s remote M Resort location to the slightly less remote Hard Rock Hotel.  Here we mingled in with tourists, listened to crazy music blaring whilst trying to have breakfast […]

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Roy Rubin Moves on from Magento

Well, it’s been coming a while, and finally less than 2 weeks before Imagine Roy Rubin announces he is stepping down from Magento. Roy, along with Yoav Kutner, first brought us the Magento platform back in 2007/2008, initially under the Varien company.  Since then it’s been a fast ride for many of us as we, […]

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Magento – Now and The Future

Been meaning to write this for a while. It’s interesting to think about Magento, where it’s come from and where it’s going.  The recent Meet Magento in Spain raised the question about the future of the Magento eCoSystem, and raised questions around Magento/eBay itself, and the future of the community. So here is my perspective, […]

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