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Building against Magento 2 – My Thoughts So far

Over the past couple of months in between my day job of running WebShopApps/ShipperHQ (which keeps me more than busy) I’ve been writing Magento 2 extensions. For fun? No not exactly, we were asked to write them by Magento for the Merchant Beta, the rest of my team is maxed so I get the short […]

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Magento API – Get Product Details

I was writing a little code snippet tonight to get the name and url for products in a particular category. Its quite simple to do with the Magento API, here is the code: <?php $soapUrl=’’; $apiUser=’karen’; $apiPass=’my_api_key’; $proxy = new SoapClient($soapUrl.’api/soap?wsdl’); $sessionId = $proxy->login($apiUser, $apiPass); $productArr = $proxy->call($sessionId, ‘catalog_category.assignedProducts’, array(’33’)); $extnDetails=array(); foreach ($productArr as $product) […]

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Magento Extensions Follow Up

What’s it all about? A little over 3 weeks ago I posted a blog about Magento extensions, and how I felt that there was not enough regulation around the marketplace, or enough information for merchants, web design agencies to make informed decisions. A few things happened after: The community responded. Mainly around twitter, but also […]

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Some of my beautiful customers

Today a customer nearly made me cry. I’m not an emotional person, and never has a customer made me feel that way.  Why? Because he gave me advice. Not many people give me advice, so I appreciated it more than he would ever realise. This led me to think about my customers, and the interesting […]

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Extension Meeting Schedule

Agenda The goal of this meeting is to get on the table the major concerns around extensions, and get a list of ideas around how we could act as a community to improve this space. Overview – 5 mins Major concerns – what’s the problem with extensions today? – 15 mins Ideas for improvement –15 […]

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Magento Extensions in the Spotlight

Back in 2010 I spoke to Magento about, amongst other things, how we could get standards around Magento extensions so that merchants and web designers/agencies could make educated decisions on which extensions and companies are good/bad/trustworthy. Magento staff have moved on, we now have 5000 extensions and the issue remains, in fact I think its […]

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Why are WebShopApps Gold Partners?

There has been some discussion on the worth of the Magento Partner Programmes so I thought I’d explain why WebShopApps did it. WebShopApps became Gold Industry Partners with Magento September 2011, and for us it’s been well worth the investment.  We had never done any marketing prior to joining this programme, and part of me […]

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VAT in the EU using Magento

VAT – what’s the deal? WebShopApps is based in the UK and we sell extensions all over the world, so like many eCommerce businesses, we have had to get our head around VAT rules. Our understanding is that: VAT is charged at your local VAT rate to all non-VAT registered customers based in the EU […]

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The future of Magento in the new world

Remember that blog I wrote a while back raising some of the concerns when eBay acquired Magento? Time to revisit.   I certainly wasn’t the only one asking ‘are they Apple or Microsoft’?       X.Commerce Innovate 2011 has been and gone. So what’s changed in Magento World?  Here are my own thoughts: Magento […]

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Magento, X.Commerce & the Community

Okay, so I’m sticking my neck out here, I don’t blog as much as I would like (2 young children & running kind of stops a lot of things), and although I rant verbally I try not to write it down too often. But I’m sort of hoping I can get across what I […]

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