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Google API Usage – Big Changes Coming

What Is Changing ? Google are changing their Maps API pricing and terms of use in a big way from June 11th, 2018. Up to today, they’ve allowed users to access their APIs at no charge up to certain daily limits. From the June 11th deadline this will end. From this point on you will […]

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USPS Price Increase and API Update – January 17, 2016

USPS are releasing an update to their API and price changes on January 17, 2016 that may impact Magento merchants. See all the details on the USPS price/api changes in our ShipperHQ blog. Will I be affected? If you are using standard Magento USPS carrier, you will need to download the updated USPS patch file. We’ve also updated […]

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UPS Web Service Security Updates

UPS has announced they are moving to more updated security protocols on their web services. They will be moving from VeriSign SHA-1 to VeriSign SHA-2 256 certificate as SHA-2 256 provides a more secure digital authentication for UPS customers. The changes will not require you to apply any patches to core Magento code or any WebShopApps […]

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FedEx’s Web Service Updates

FedEx is moving to more updated security protocols on their web services to increase the security level and remove known issues with the existing protocols used. There are a number of phases to these changes across their test and live environments. The changes will not require you to apply any patches to core Magento code or any […]

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USPS API Update May 31st 2015 – What you need to know

USPS have updated their shipping rate API on May 31st 2015. As we always do, we’ve reviewed these updates and analyzed their potential impact on merchants running various versions of Magento. There are some impacting changes for merchants shipping to or from Canada, or those using Dimensional shipping. WHAT’S CHANGING Within the API update, the only […]

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ProStar Freight API change – what you need to know

ProStar Logistics have made a change to the URL of their rating API over the weekend of 25th April 2015. You will no longer receive accurate rates via ProStar if you have not updated your Magento site. WebShopApps have released an updated version of our Freight extension to include the updated URL for ProStar. You […]

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USPS API Update September 2014

See update at end of post for additional information from Magento from September 24th or read their blog post. If you use USPS live rates in Magento, you’ve likely received an email from USPS informing you of upcoming changes to their APIs. These changes will take effect on September 7th, 2014. USPS has also noted […]

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Fedex Web Service Change: Impact on Magento & Free Patch

Earlier this week some Magento merchants began to experience issues with the standard FedEx carrier including issues retrieving rates, tracking information, and generating labels. Magento Certified Developer Phillip Jackson (; on Twitter @philwinkle) was one of the first to dig into this issue and helped us narrow down the cause. What happened? Beginning on Sunday, March […]

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USPS® API Update January 2014

Many of our customers who are using USPS®‘ API to get postal rates have received notification in the past weeks that an update will be released for the API effective January 26th, 2014. The United States Postal Service™ has documented the changes in a press release on their website. As a service to our customers, we […]

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Importing Transactions in to Sage 50 Accounts

Let me preface this by saying, I am by no means an expert in Sage 50 Accounts. However, we’ve had a few enquiries on how to use our Sage preformated export from Order Export. It is pretty straightforward to take the transaction details from this csv and upload directly to Sage 50 Accounts. In Sage […]

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