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ProStar Freight API change – what you need to know

ProStar Logistics have made a change to the URL of their rating API over the weekend of 25th April 2015. You will no longer receive accurate rates via ProStar if you have not updated your Magento site. WebShopApps have released an updated version of our Freight extension to include the updated URL for ProStar. You […]

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January 2015 USPS API Update

Another update to the USPS APIs will roll out at 12:01 AM US Central time on Sunday, January 25th. As we always do, we’ve reviewed these updates and analyzed their potential impact on merchants running various versions of Magento. What’s Changing There are only a few changes included in this update. Here’s a summary: New […]

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2014 Holiday Shipping Cut-Off Dates

If you’re a merchant you’ve almost definitely been gearing up for the holidays already. Checking your inventory and suppliers to make sure you can meet demand, beefing up your fulfillment and customer support staff, and making final changes to your site. Shipping becomes critical as we approach Christmas and it becomes especially important for you […]

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Shipping Game Changers: Same Day Delivery

Ecommerce is a fast-moving world and services which were major differentiators just a few years ago are customer expectations today. A great example is modern Same Day Shipping. Balancing cost and speed for Same Day Shipping can be daunting, but new services are poised to reduce headaches. Coming Full Circle About a century ago, Same […]

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